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Are you wondering whether you can find your favourite plant in the Belmonte arboretum? Did you see an interesting plant yesterday, but have forgotten its name?

In the Explorer you can search for information in several ways. You don’t have to fill in all the boxes, just write what you do know - for example, the plant’s name or the garden area where you saw it - and click 'Search'. Alternatively, you can search through the names list, the garden map or take a tour.

To use the mobile Explorer access to 3G or 4G network is required. There is no Wi-Fi available in the arboretum.

The Belmonte arboretum holds a documented collection of some 10.000 living plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation and education.

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Belmonte Arboretum
Generaal Foulkesweg 94-a

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Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds